Prodeco-Glencore fires sick miners and …

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Mine workers complete first course on …

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Participatory Monitoring of Coal Mining in Colombia: Report on workers’ perspectives on a Just Transition 

Why talk about a Just Energy Transition

More and more countries reduce their carbon footprint. State policies are being developed to reduce coal imports. People in the sourcing countries experience the severe socio-economic consequences of mine closures for their livelihood. Colombia is among the first cases of such an energy transition. Its experiences can serve as a model for many other countries to follow.  Learn more...

Legal Facts | Agreements and laws


In this section you will find input related to laws and agreements linked to the Just Energy Transition. 

We invite you to check how legislation promotes and protects the just transition process. 

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Workers' Collective | 
Minimizing negative impacts

Trade unions are an essential interlocutor that contributes to a transition which will guarantee the best possible present and future for the communities of the mining  regions. 

To know the Worker's Collective

Just Transition | Application

  1. Discover the experiences of different countries.
  2. Find usefull guidelines to carry out the Just Energy Transition.
  3. Apply tools that include transversal approaches, business challenges and government possibilities.
  4. Take a look and share your ideas to develop proposals according to the context of your country.

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