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Mine workers complete first course on …

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The Labour Observatory for a Just Transitionis a new platform developed by CNV Internationaal to contribute to a just transition towards a low-carbon economy in which all actors are taken into account, leaving no one behind.


Within the international coal value chain, this observatory specializes in monitoring and promoting just energy transition issues. Our current focus is primarily on the mining region in the north of Colombia. Through continuous sharing of useful  information, such as tools, cases, videos, stories and news we’re supporting and promoting social dialogue processes in Latin America.

The observatory website contains English and Spanish webpages. Through the English part of this website we’re sharing these insights for investors, businesses and governments to promote due diligence and corporate responsibility in the coal supply chain. It is continuously updated with  stories, interviews and news articles that reveal what is happening in the coal regions of Colombia.

The Spanish website is mainly for Latin America and Colombian visitors, trade unions and workers, as well as governments and companies and  in the coal mine regions.

Its content is divided in four sections: 


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