New research on labour rights risks in mining


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The energy transition is having a major impact on Europe. But the countries producing the minerals so necessary for our energy supply now and in the future, are being negatively affected. The threats they are encountering are too often overlooked. The decarbonisation process must start taking the people working to mine the metals and coal into consideration. 

Recently Profundo researchers have analysed the situation of workers in the mining supply chain. Main conclusions are that: 

  • the impact of coal mining on local employment and economy in Colombia requires  a responsible transition.
  • the current lack of transparency in the metal chain makes it impossible for companies and governments to guarantee decent work for the workers who extract the metals from the ground.

This new research "Towards a just energy transition", regarding labour rights risks in the Latin American mining sector, will be published on World Day for Decent Work, next friday 7th of October. 

CNV Internationaal and Profundo will present and discuss this study in a  TwitterSpace session on World Day for Decent Work 7th October from 8-9 A.M.

 CNV Internationaal has formulated a series of recommendations and key take aways to prepare plans for the transition of the coal mining sector in Colombia as well as to increase transparency in the metal chain in collaboration with companies - buyers, investors, traders and mining companies - governments and unions .

Learn more  Just transition in mining (cnvinternationaal.nl)


Publication date 07 10 2022