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Cookie policy

The CNV Internationaal websites use cookies. We would like to explain what we use cookies for, what type of cookies we use, which data they store, and how we collaborate with other parties.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is installed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit a website. A cookie stores data about your surfing preferences. For example, a cookie remembers the pages you visited before, or indicates that you got to a website via a link from a certain advertising campaign. You can expect cookies on CNV websites to make your visit easier.

We only place cookies with your permission, and do this to help you online to the best of our ability. You can only use our website after accepting cookies. Placing cookies allows us to monitor visitor behaviour, which helps us to optimize the website and continuously improve the user experience. It also helps to recognize visitors so that we can present them relevant content.

What do we use cookies for?

CNV Internationaal only places cookies with your permission. We use cookies and the data they help collect solely:

  • For optimizing the user experience by providing website statistics and error detection.
  • For offering features such as sharing messages through social media and showing YouTube videos.
  • For sometimes showing targeted (CNV) advertisements and relevant information.

Functional cookies

We place a number of cookies required for the correct functioning of the website, or for enabling a certain functionality. For example, there is a cookie that indicates whether you approved the use of cookies. This allows us to ensure that - apart from strictly necessary cookies - cookies are only placed after approval. Another cookie ensures that CNV Internationaal partner organisations can log in with the partner login, and remain logged in. This prevents them from having to log in again when they view another page on our website. The functional cookies are our own (first-party) cookies. Third parties do not control these cookies and the data they store. Such cookies store your user ID, your session and display options. We also use a token to check permission for cookies, which is stored in the cookie 'allowallcookies'.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies track how visitors use the website. They allow us, for example, to track the website from where visitors found us, what pages are viewed by them and for how long, which browser and display resolution they set, and they give us insight into demographic data. We use this information to analyse website usage, generate website statistics and determine, for example, what causes website errors. This information is used to better identify our website visitors (target group and market analysis), to tailor the website to our target group, to improve website navigation, troubleshoot, and optimize the website user experience. Apart from user information, Google Analytics cookies also store the visitor IP address. This information is used for statistics and data reports for CNV Internationaal website administrators. Google supplies these data to third parties when there is a legal obligation to do so, or when third parties process these data on behalf of Google. Google does not link your IP address to other data it has.

Social media, YouTube and Google Maps 

We want to give our visitors the option of sharing their experiences with CNV professionals via social media. That is why we placed a number of social media options and buttons on our website. The relevant social media can place cookies through these buttons and options, which they can subsequently read out. We use Facebook and Twitter to this end. Click herefor Facebook information on the Like button and here for Twitter's privacy policy. We also use YouTube (owned by Google Inc.) for showing videos and maps on the website. This means that Google Inc. may place cookies on your computer. Click here for Google Inc.'s privacy statement.

Additionally, we use YouTube, Slideshare and Vimeo for showing videos and maps on the website. Again, this may result in Google placing cookies on your computer.

Click here for Google's (and YouTube's) privacy statement.

Click here for Slideshare's privacy statement (http://www.slideshare.net/privacy-preview).

Click here for Vimeo's privacy statement (https://vimeo.com/privacy).

Marketing cookies

We use advertisements to promote CNV Internationaal's activities in the most targeted manner possible. We often use cookies to this end. For example, a cookie may ensure that a certain advertisement is only shown once or a few times, and not shown again and again.
These cookies also track which link/banner/advertisement was clicked for visitors to arrive at our website, and what activities were developed on the website. Some cookies are used to provide targeted advertisements and offers to our visitors, including on third party websites.

Third parties, also outside of the EU

As described above, a major part of the cookies are placed and read out by third parties that supply us with services. This refers to Google and other analytics providers, social media suppliers and advertisement networks. These cookies enable them to supply their services for our goals described above. They may also use the data collected to their own ends, such as tracking the usage of their services and products, and occasionally to create an interest profile based on which they can offer targeted advertising to you. Our insight into this is limited; please refer to the cookie and privacy policies of the appropriate parties. The policy is for these parties to handle data with care. Your privacy is ensured. These parties are subject to a legal regime that monitors compliance with laws and regulations.

A number of these third parties have their headquarters or another office in the USA or elsewhere outside of the European Economic Area. However, all of them are based in countries covered by European agreements in the framework of the Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield.

You do not want cookies?

This website has no option for disabling cookies. But there are various ways to ensure that (tracking) cookies cannot be placed in or read out from your browser. For example with services like Disconnect and Ghostery. You can also adjust the cookie settings in your browser. For more information about this and about cookies in general, visit allaboutcookies.org. Be aware that, if you block cookies, you will have to manually adjust your settings when visiting a section of our website that cannot function without cookies.

Information and links

CNV Internationaal aims to keep information about cookies up to date.
This cookie policy also includes links to third party websites, such as those from providers of services that place and read out cookies via our website, and of providers of tools and information on blocking cookies. Such links to third party website are only provided for information purposes and without an opinion on the accuracy or quality of the information and services provided on that web page. We do not control third party websites and are not responsible or liable for any content or activities on such websites.

Personal data

Insofar that CNV Internationaal uses cookies for processing personal data, the privacy provisions in our privacy statement apply. The privacy statement also describes our security measures for websites.

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