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Work together to minimise the negative impacts on workers and their families

Faced with profound negative effects related to the energy transition process in Colombia, including mine closures and other paralysing activities, major mining unions in the coal sector have decided to unite to ensure that labour rights and a socially just transition are guaranteed.

The Colombian trade unions in  Guajira and Cesar have been issuing warnings for several years about the imminent threat of the closure of coal mines by the multinationals present in the region.  Now it is becoming a reality.


The mining regions are already experiencing serious labour and economic impacts. Therefore, labour  organisations Sintracerrejon, Sintracarbón, Sintraminergetica, Sintradrummond, and Sintradem, with the support of CNV International, have decided to jointly and autonomously form the COLECTIVO DE TRABAJADORES POR LA TRANSICION JUSTA (Workers' Collective for a Just Transition).

The collective seeks to work together to minimise the negative impacts on workers and their families and to ensure that fundamental rights are respected. 

In addition, they will serve as an essential interlocutor that contributes to a transition which will guarantee the best possible present and future for the communities of these regions.